Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Counter Terrorism Expert Kook drops "bombshell" - 'Don't worry about it'

I thought we had it bad here in Montgomery County with our Conroe KOOK Bill Barnes, The Woodlands KOOK Jim Farrell, and Montgomery KOOKette Barbara Peyton spewing their bilge out at us, but the good folks down in Fort Bend County have the Sugarland KOOK Michael Fjetland to deal with. They have it even worse than us.

In his latest letter to The Bulletin's Publisher and Editor Mike Ladyman titled "The Big One," this 'legend in his own mind,' who has to be a member of the Gonadless race of peoples, says that man-made global warming is the greatest threat to the United States, and that it is even greater than the terrorists threat, of which he refers to himself as an expert, and as an analyst to desperate television stations like as Fox 26, that could bring on a well versed Sophomore in World History that would make more sense, if Fjetland wasn't available.

As a realists 'we have to have security first, or we have nothing Dude, I ask you Mr. Fjetland, I may not be from Missouri, but "SHOW ME!!!" Show me your evidence. Show me any evidence that the Northern or Southern Hemisphere is 'warming' by the complete hand of man.

You have no respect for your audience Sir. You expect them to be totally accepting of anything you have to say, swallowing it like Monica ... well, I'm not going there, but it's as if Fjetland is the great defender of socialism, and anything said against him is the equivalent to committing a seditious act against the state.

How come when I watch the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch," they always have to deal with pack ice that somehow always seem to interfere with the best fishing areas in the Bering Sea, which is well below the Arctic Circle, where it is suppose to be really cold. How can this happen in a time of man-made global warming?

I have a question for you Mr. Fjetland, "how many molecules of CO2 are in every 100,000 molecules of air?" I will not tell you since you don't tell us things, but it is the 'number' of the President that spent the last ten days of peace on the European mainland, before returning to London on the first day of World War II.

Yes, "**" (insert answer there) is the amount of CO2 molecules per 100,000, and it takes five years to add just 1 single molecule of CO2 to 100,000 molecules of air. And we had much more CO2 in the air during non-man made warming periods in the past.

Mr. Fjetland, I'm sure a lot of people are tired of you trying to scare us. Ted Danson's prediction that the world's oceans would die in ten years all those years ago came and went. And when challenged on it, Danson labeled it a 'hyperbole," which for those of us that don't have a few seconds to open a dictionary, is a misleading statement "or exaggerated language that distorts facts by making them much bigger than they are if looked at objectively." In effect, DANSON LIED!!!

You see hyperboles are used all the time in media newstories, which makes them seem more important than they really are. And Fjetland is no different in his reporting.

Checking out Fjetland's blog and Yahoo Groups site, it is evident that no one listens to him, and why Ladyman posts his crap I will never know.

What I thought really humorous about Fjetland's tripe was his reference that "fiddling while Rome burns," and I couldn't help but think about Hillary Clinton fiddling with Rob "Meathead" Reiner of "All in the Family" fame, who both partied just a few miles away while the California countryside around them was burning and real citizens were losing their homes. If anyone is the epitome of Nero, it is Hillary Clinton and Michael Fjetland AND NOT George W. Bush.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Get Someone Elected before you cry Single Member Districts in Conroe

In a recent letter to The Bulletin that was titled "Single Member Districts" I was suddenly skeptical. I suspected something, and did a few searches real quickly, and low and behold I saw LULAC. I wasn't so surprised, but my jaw dropped anyway.

I don't see anything that LULAC does as contributing to American values, or -- to becoming American. I see LULAC as doing the opposite. Their aim to keep Hispanics from learning English, or God forbid, vote Republican, which thankfully more Hispanics, as well as Blacks are doing.

LULAC, I see as nothing but race baiters, like the Sharpton's and the Jackson's, they have to keep their constituencies dumbed down, America hating, middle and upper class hating and dependent on the LULAC for leadership. That's why racism will never be solved in the United States according to them. That's how they make their living. No racism means no money going into their coffers.

Luis Cristo of LULAC Council 1087, says that "We represent 40 percent of the minority voters who are not heard in the city."

First Mr. Cristo, no one has a right to be heard in this country. You have a right to speech, but it's up to you to make people want to listen to you. The only people who have the right to be heard are a few privileged people in Communist countries.

There has been at least one Hispanic citizen on the ballot for Conroe City Council before, Norma Duran, who ran for Council, Place 3, back in May 2006. Where was that 40% then?

Duran came in third place garnering only 346 votes. That was a prime opportunity for Conroe Hispanics to earn the respect of their fellow citizens, and like every other opportunity they get, they threw it away. Mind you, I have Hispanic blood in me, and even if I didn't have that blood, it still needed to be said.

I was an acquaintance of Duran since I attended the same soccer games she attended. I can't remember her politics at that time, but I voted for Debbie Glenn. Jim Gentry took the election with 958 votes. That was also the year the Guy Martin ran against his brother Jay Ross, making waves in the media. I voted for Guy, and still enjoy his newsletter every now and then.

Single Member Districts in Conroe will not solve the problem. I don't hear about the Black population complaining about not having representation, and they were here well before the Hispanic population in the county grew.

If any one group has failed it has been the Hispanic population of Conroe for not organizing to elect one of their own.

City elections don't have the greatest turnouts are they are notoriously low in voter turnout. Quite simply, Duran didn't get around to get her message out. How many people did she talk with during her campaign?
Case in point, I used to be an influential member of Brazoria County politics and am on schedule to be an influential member of MC politics in the next year or two.

I was there when in 1995 when Dennis Bonnen was introduced at his first GOP House Party, a fresh faced snot-nosed kid fresh out of St. Edward's University, with virtually no job or political experience to speak of.

How did Bonnen get recognized and win in '96. He knocked on thousands upon thousands of Brazoria County doors, something like in the order of 10,000 that I recall, and he got elected, and has been reelected six-times since then.

Did Bonnen ask government to give him a chance to get elected? Hell no. He saw an opportunity, he went for it, and he won, just by facial recognition and a sound belief in his policies and party, and he still won, despite being a kid.

Although the leaders of the Conroe Single Member District Committee I believe are Black, I believe they can learn from this posting. Sedrick Thrower is a Court Clerk II for the county, and I'm not sure if he is still president of the Metropolitan Child Development Center in Conroe. I'm not sure what Carl White does.

I don't mind minority representation at all, but you have to do with without the help of government. Show yourself to be a proud American, believe in those American values, wear an American flag lapel on your person, and put your hand-over-the-heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. All of those things Democrat Presidential candidate, Barack Obama does not do, mind you.

I was proud to hear that an American of Asian Indian decent Bobby Jindal won the recent governor's race in Louisiana. Hell, I'd vote for J.C. Watts in a minute for President, and he is a Black man. Both are Republican.

See, for Conservatives, it's about the ideology. Skin color doesn't ever factor into the equation.

With Democrats, skin color is the biggest factor in the equation.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Conroe Kook Lacks Reality When it comes to Gore's Nobel and America's Energy Concerns

The person that leads a small platoon of Montgomery County environmentalist wackos, the Conroe Kook Bill Barnes, recently wrote his usual one paragraph bilge to The Bulletin's E& P, Mike Ladyman.

The letter titled "Gore, U.N. Group Win 2007 Nobel Peace Prize," in this weeks Bulletin was a complete embarrassment. I'm embarrassed for you Bill, and on your behalf I apologize to the Citizens of Montgomery County for your complete incompetence when it comes to environmental issues.

It's people like you Bill, especially those liberal nut-jobs in governmental bureaucracies that make the "wrong" decisions for the public, which costs those in the public dearly later for their decisions made today.

For instance, those liberals have got a hold of government bureaucracy so much that they have not allowed a refinery to be built in the US for almost two generations. And guess what, we now have to pay $2.50 plus per gallon of gas just to go to work, and there's no hope in sight for $0.99 gas, especially with the fact that our refineries are aging beyond belief, and have to be brought down occasionally for maintenance. China is now consuming more and more oil, and building coal plants with no regards to the environment, and the US has no effective energy plan that involves a market driven 'green' goal, which I have no problem with as long as it is “market driven.”

Again, the liberals think of no consequences to their actions when it came to no refineries, and that was thirty years ago. And don't think that refineries can go up overnight -- it takes 10 years to build one at great expense to the investor.

Now, we have states like Kansas, who are starting to turn down permits to build 'clean burning coal technology plants' over concerns of so-called "man-made global warming" which is totally unproven and never will be, and we will only have ourselves to blame when it becomes apparent that energy providers will not have enough of the stuff to dish out in the future for America’s energy needs. Can you say “rolling blackouts” anyone? Thank God Texas has its own energy grid and I hope we continue to make the right decisions.

Coal is America's greatest natural resource, and Kansas may well set a trend in turning down permits to provide for our energy future, when we should be building up those technologies now with the anticipation of going green in thirty to four years when those plants are nearing the end of their lifetimes.

But with liberals they only think about 'the next five minutes, and what the next poll has to say. The libs don't think about the future. They can spin only the present.

The only country that I can see that thought about the future in regards to its energy needs was Brazil, and that was over thirty years ago. They have an ethanol-based fuel that is not a food base like ours is, and just recently declared their energy independence.

Energy independence will never happen in the US until we wake up and see what liberalism has done to us. Liberals never account for improved technologies in their assumptions on the environment. It's always coal is 'filthy' and gas causes 'man-made global warming'. But that is not true.

I get so angry sometimes that I can spit, but it is your children that will have to deal with the real decisions that are being made by today's environmentalist liberals. So go ahead and start blaming yourself now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last Weeks Bulletin Full of False Assumptions on Health Care

Talking about lying Democrats, check out the Oct. 11-18 issue of The Bulletin pages 2 and 3, if you can still find it, but it is on the website. You would think that government health care were in the Constitution or something.

I inherited a family Bible several years ago from an Aunt that is now barely hanging on in a Austin nursing home. When I looked in the beautiful book I found several family momentos decades old, which I have come to cherish.

I also found a hospital receipt from the hospital in Austin that had been stuffed in the bowels of the Bible. It was for a short stay in Brackenridge Hospital, and the receipt was for a whopping total of $30.00.

Of course the receipt was dated from the Kennedy Administration, and I don't know how long my Aunt took to pay off the bill or anything like that, but it was certainly a time when a hospital bill was still unperverted by the likes of government and the Johnson Administration, when it was projected that Medicare would only be $ 9 billion per year -- for eternity. Yeah right!

In the budget for next year, 1/3rd of the total will go to pay the Social Security payments of our senior citizens. That's over $700 million of nearly $3 trillion, and we haven't even got into Medicare and Medicade, all the fraud possibilities, etc, nor the fact that the first of Americas 'baby boomers' just started retiring.

For nearly 190 years prior to the LBJ Administration, and decades and decades before that, Americans were entrusted to themselves in taking care of their own health. Granted, they were tough times and all that, and doctors and healthcare facilties were not as readily available as they are today, but Americans had choice.

All Americans do not truly have a choice today when it comes to health care today. The extremely wealthy do of course, but for these purposes they don't count. I'm talking just the average Joe, who up until the time of the Kennedy American, like my Aunt did, could go to the hospital an not be forced to leave a kidney to pay for care.

Like it or not liberals, the US has the best health care system in the World. And although as flawed as it may be, we have Canadians, and many others from around the World who flock here in search of good health.

Government is the problem when it comes to our healthcare. Government run healthcare has always been a backdoor socialist program, and it always will be. It allows for no competition whatsoever so prices continue to rise, as well as the cost of health insurance.

And the SCHIP bill that the President vetoed was just another example of backdoor socialism that would have put nearly every American under 25 years of age on a government run healthcare program.

The President likes the current SCHIP program as written, and wanted to add more children by providing additioinal funds to cover more children, but the Democrats had to pervert the entire thing, with the thinking that anything that has the word "children" in it and is vetoed is assumed bad news for the President.

Evidently, that is not true, and the Democrats were caught.

So what of the solution? Again. Ask a Democrat what his solution is and he will say "the government." Wrong.

The solution will be for the government to get out of the doctors and hospitals way. Do what Texas did, and limit liabilities on lawsuits. No wonder doctors are moving to Texas in droves.

Obviously, state boards that govern the license of doctors need to have more power to rule on the complaints of doctors so that those in the wrong can be removed immediately from practice.

Perhaps doctors should be routinely tested to make their skills are up to standards of practice.

There are lots of options in making our healthcare even better.

Medical Savings Accounts are a great way to help reduce routine preventive medical care, of which the premiums are way to high already. Many families pay as much as $5000.00 or more per year on health coverage. Ridiculous.

What Americans really need is 'catastrophic insurance' plans, which should be separate from MSA's and can be sold at much lower premiums, dependent upon the deductable.

I look at catastrophic insurance as a bond that is held in reserve until it is time to cash it in for use. Simple as that.
The letters posted by The Woodlands Kook Jim Farrell, and now Montgomery Kookette Barbara Peyton on the SCHIP bill were irresponsible and lacked any bit of reality in reference to the truth in regards to the bill.

It is yet another example of Democrats having to lie to get there point across.

And the use of worthless polls to prove there point is growing so old as well. Most of us know, that polls are already predetermined before pollsters make up their first contacts.

Another thing with the liberals and healthcare. They never offer any solutions. Only that the government healthcare umbrella is the only way to go.

Well libs. Tell that to Great Britian and Canada, where government run health care in one word -- SUCKS!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

TW KOOK Jim Farrell 'Has Not One Drop of Confidence in the American Way'

In response to The Woodlands KOOK James T. Farrell latest tripe letter to The Bulletin titled "Full Circle" I say -- What?

First off, I don't accept the premise that Farrell could convince anybody to do anything; much less convince an Upstate New York Republican, evidently an influentual Republican at that, to completely change his mind on America's national defense attitude, thus turning the former Republican into a total wimp.

You know with the Democrats tactic of lie, lie, lie to fool their base to stand with them, I will stand up, unlike other Republicans, and say "Mr. James T. Farrell, aka The Woodlands KOOK -- PROOF IT!!"

Put your brother-in-laws phone number in my e-mail box. Give me his bio so I can check it out with my New York posse.

I want to call this guy myself, because quite frankly Jim, I don't believe you, and the trees that were felled in the printing of your tripe deserved a better fate.

Can you imagine living in Farrell's "Bush deranged" household? Everything, and I mean, everything that goes wrong from eggs being overcooked on the stove to the cable going out, would literally be blamed on President Bush.

I wonder how the Kook would feel if a President Gore, had "to convince the American public that war with Iraq was in our country’s national interest." I'm positive that Farrell would be singing a different tune.

See as long as a Republican can be saddled with defeat in the War on Terror, the liberals will be doing everything in their power to lose the war.

But the growing "dirty little secret," is that if a Democrat does win the White House in 2008, American troops will not be pulled out, as evidenced in a recent Democrat debate, that posed the question if the Gulf region was not secure, American troops would still be needed in the area.

Liberals will not saddle themselves with defeat, and Farrell will be sadly mistakened if he votes for Clinton or Obama expecting troops in The War on Terror to be back home by February 2009. Sorry Jim, they're staying put.

In reviewing his letter, I'm quite sure that Farrell opposed going into Afghanistan. The man is a complete wimp. He obviously doesn't own a gun, and knowledgeable MC criminals would see his domicile as an easy mark.

Farrell will stoop to any level to find anything to insult his country. He has a Vietnam mindset in an Iraq War world, and old 'flower child' Jim would love another quagmire, which in the case of Iraq is impossible, unless another Democrat White House starts making calls for the Pentagon, personally choosing which targets are to be engaged or not.

Farrell's take on General Petraeus was downright treasonists. Does Jim have a soul?

The General does his job, not at direction of the White House, but from the standpoint of the situation in Iraq.

We hear very little from Iraq nowadays because everything is going well there. That's why attacks on Rush Limbaugh, as false as they are, are given play on liberal airwaves. Not for the truth, but for the lefts mindnumbed robot bases response.

And it is quite funny that Farrell mentions September 11th as the day of the the General's testimony to Congress, but Farrell failed to mention all the al-Qaeda statements that were also played mentioning Democrat talking-points.

Farrell and the Democrats are so dense, that they fail to be embarrassed when America's enemies mention things such as relief for Hurricane Katrina, and other issues that liberals consider their own.

For a culture of death that is the world of the Demcrats, who abort 4,000 fetal lives a day, who support euthanasia wholeheartedly, while they support saving the lives of death row inmates whom they see as future Democrat voters. I know Farrell is eagerly planning the day we he can assemble his flashmob to celebrate 4,000 American deaths.

Look, war is a terrible thing, but it is sadly a necessary evil, and unfortunately many young men and women are cut down in the prime of their lives. And I can attest that in many ways those who survive the battlefield are effected for the rest of their natural lives, and with no regrets for that fact.

To Farrell and all you liberals, how do you think a real peace is achieved?

Name for me one lasting peace accord since Camp David that didn't end badly for somebody?

One thing puzzles me with these Democrats. They keep complaining that we need to get out of Iraq, when we have had troops stationed in Germany and Japan since World War II, and the American's have had a presence in the Persian Gulf for decades now. Korea is still a war at rest.

Farrell's assessment that if the US left Iraq, that the country would remain stable is naive. He's a little girl novice in a man's world. How many other situations where the US has withdrawn leaving a power vacuum has that caused problems leaving millions of innocents dead.

It took over ten years after the American Revolution before our Constitution was signed. So our own history is not perfect. Our country has done many things wrong, but still we have done more things right, and in the few centuries our country has existed when have achieved more than countries thousands of years old.

It's liberals like The Woodlands Kook Jim Farrell that would love to see our country knocked down to the dark ages. His guilt over America being the best and setting the example frustrates him. To Farrell, America should be on the same par as say Botswana.

Ask Jim about his opinion about the United States, and he will speak of a racists nation, an aggressor nation, an environmental wasteland of dirty air and water; a nation that tramples on free speech of others. Of course he would be wrong on all accounts.

And in the case of the latter, it is the Democrats, of which many cases have been documented that show they taken free speech rights away.

I recall the libs rushing the stage at Columbia when Minute Man founder Jim Gilchrist started speaking effectively ending that event, yet when a dictator thug like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shows up on Columbia's stage, he's welcomed with open arms and allowed to speak his peace.

Liberals never speak of the growing environmental disaster of China, nor Chinese human rights issues, but if an American agent so much as twists a terrorists arm accidentally in interrrogations, they'll have the ACLU crawling up their ass. Something is desparately wrong, and it is not the Republican Party.

Someone has got their priorities mixed up, and it's definitely Jim Farrell. I believe in my country, Farrell doesn't. I believe in free speech, Farrell believes in free liberalspeak and of crushing the Conservative voice. I believe in free market health care, Farrell believes in government run health care, from which no one is qualified to operate, and has cost to multiply hundreds fold since the government got involved.

All of Farrell's ideas lead to socialism and communism, which we all know does not work. Hell, the Democrat Big Brothers in Tennessee are losing revenue to cigarettes due to excessive taxation, that they are now posting lookouts across their seven states borders and they are reporting back to TN Highway Patrol if you try and cheat Tennesse out of its taxes, and those with too much are having their cigarettes and beer confiscated.

Farrell is of course salavating over that news, but Conservatives and normal citizens out there, be very scared of taxation of any kind, because they will come for you one day.

So Montgomery County citizens, no matter what The Woodlands Kook Jim Farrell tells you. Whether it be about General Petraeus, the Iraqi government, heel, even about Dick Cheney. Simply don't believe it.

I ask the Lord, please forgive The Woodlands Kook Jim Farrell, for he knows not what he writes.

P.S. - I don't know if Jim Farrell took the Conroe KOOK Bill Barnes writing class in TW, since his writing hasn't shown any improvement of content.

Bill's next class for MC Democrats will be featuring words starting with the letter "B."

Friday, September 28, 2007

No Wonder former RINO Fjetland Was Creamed in the Election

Although he writes slicker that the Conroe KOOK Bill Barnes and The Woodlands KOOK Jim Farrell, Michael Fjetland, in his letter to The Bulletin's Publisher and Editor Mike Ladyman titled "We need a uniter," in this weeks paper, one can get the sense that America is always wrong, Chrisitianity is always wrong, and unless we yield American greatness to some piss ant third world country -- then we haven't got a chance.

Michael Fjetland, as you may remember, ran against Tom DeLay in 2004, and mustered a whopping 2% of the vote. He's now an Independent, which means he to chicken to call himself at least a Progressive, which in my book means liberal. The former Republican in Name Only, RINO, ran against DeLay twice.

Fjetland at this junction in his prose can be labeled a "snake oil salesman," for what he tries to sell as a cure-all for all of Americas ills is nothing more that a relabeled bottle of bad tasting Castor Oil in a bright shiny Democrat bottle.

When Fjetland speaks of "the next President" in his letter to Ladyman, those you can understand
The Bulletin's liberalspeak know full well he means "the next DEMOCRAT President."

Nowhere in Fjetland's letter does he speak of American exceptionalism. Nowhere in his tripe does he speak of the Judeo-Christian values that made the United States, which in only 200 short years, has become the greatest country that ever existed.

No, with Fjetland, "we need a President who earns us respect worldwide by showing respect." He wants a yeilding America. A bent over America that is retrospect of some gay guy taking it in the you know what.

Pardon me Mr. Fjetland, we've already had a President that went around the world showing respect and apologizing for every little thing that Ameica apparently did wrong. His name was Mr. Bill Clinton, and his inaction in a time of much needed decision, was one of the main reasons why my country was attacked on September 11th, a day that Fjetland, probably like Barbara Streisand's husband and worthless actor James Brolin, looks on as a day of celebration rather that a day of remembrance. "Happy September 11th," as Brolin says.

Like a Democrat, in no way does Fjetland present one solution in his tripe. When it comes to oil, he never mentions domestic drilling, only some bull about harnessing the solar power in desert places like Algeria that would provide Europe the power it is now getting from Russian oil." What?

And of course, Fjetland, will never mention market forces, that are the rightfully justifier of alternative fuels demand, which is the only way something like that will work. Look, until the poor man can buy a hybrid without the urging of government, then shut up. And no one, and I mean no one, is talking about the environmental disaster of tens of thousands nickel medal hybride batteries and their impact on the environment in the future. If you think a few AA and AAA batteries in our landfills is bad, just wait.

Folks, liberals never think about the consequences to any of their actions. And libs tell me that burning corn in my gasoline will make the planet safer, but when corn prices are skyrocketing, forcing tortilla riots in Mexico, something is wrong. Corn, if you don't know, is the base food for most of the food products we eat, being milk, meat, cheese, etc. In some form or fashion the animal that started the process was fed corn. Ever wonder why milk at Walgreens is $4 a gallon?

Look, when liberals like the socialist Ted Kennedy get pissed when plans for a wind farm place it within site of his Nantucket Sound complex, that speaks volumes. Liberals exempt themselves from what they tell you, and do exactly the opposite.

For instance, Al Gore, the Bishop of the Church of Environmentalism, will tell you to be environmentally friendly in your home and car, but in his house, he uses twenty times as much power as the average home in Conroe. And when it comes to his Gulfstream 400 private jet, it is the most environmentally unfriendly plane flying, being four times worst environmentally than a regular commercial jet, and his plane carries less than 20 people. You can drive across the country like ten times -- back and forth -- and still not emit as many carbon emissions as Al Gore in his jet flying just one way across the country.

Folks, we are looking at "do as I say, not as I do" liberals in action, and Fjetland is just one of them.

When, Fjetland talks of a "uniter," I can't help but think of us under the umbrella of socialism. In Michael's book, all of us Outer Party folks, as well as the proles will be subjected to Fjetland's Big Brother philosophy.

On another for instance, if you don't sign up for Comrade Clinton's proposed voluntary mandatory health care plan, you could wind up paying a hefty fine, or worst yet if you do, you might be directed by Big Brother's doctor to quit smoking or stop eating Whataburgers, before you can receive care under her perverted government healthcare plan.

Don't let any liberal tell you socialist healthcare is the solution.

Market forces brother. How come doctors are the only professional expected to work for free? No wonder we have so many foreign doctors now. If government gets any further involved in our healthcare no American will waist the time to sign up to be a doctor, and they are very much needed.

Fjetland's attack on Christianity was more than uncalled for. For Christ's sake (intentionally used to piss off liberals), Osama bin Laden (D-Afghanistan) on September 11th spouted Democrat talking points in his demand that we all convert to Islam.

Yet over here, Osama bin Fjetland will never mention that to
The Bulletin's gullible readers who take his tripe for the liberal gospel.

What does Fjetland care what the Pope says? He only denounces him because Michael detest Christianity anyway. The Pope does not demand everyone convert to Catholicism or he will kill us all. Yet Michael condemns His Holiness.

Does Michael denouce Islamofascism? Hell no. To Fjetland, "the enemy (al-Qaeda) of my enemy (President Bush), is my friend." Even if it is Osama bin Laden.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Conroe Courier AP Poll (Independents [and America Hating Dictators] tilting toward Dems in '08)

Oh boy, another survey that says the American people so adore the Democrats and hate the evil Republicans. Ho hum. Like the Soviet Union's KGB, the American liberal media is nothing more than a hollow shell thinking that they control our hearts and minds. In time the liberal media will fall as well.

Have you noticed since the Democrats won in '06 you never hear the Sunday shows asking the Republican leadership, "what does the GOP need to do to win in '08?"

When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a state-sponsor of terrorism, can come to my country and spout Democrat Party talking points, as well be invited to speak at Columbia under the auspices of "free speech" while Ahmadinejad will be treated with respect and dignity by the liberals there and those in the leftist media.

While Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist, when he started to speak at Columbia, the Stalinists liberals there rushed the stage forcing an immediate halt to the event. Folks, liberal Democrats have never met an evil America-hating dictator they ever hated. I can point out episode after episode of liberals stamping out Conservative speech, but I find it difficult to recall liberal speech that has been stamped out by Conservatives.

The stupid AP-Ipsos poll about the Independents in today's Conroe Courier, which should have never been conducted in the first place, touts that Independent Americans are leaning Democrat because of President Bush. Look, I admit that the Republicans lost focus when the were in power, but to honestly believe that Democrats should be put in charge of our national security, which is truly our highest priority issue, because you cannot have a strong and growing economy without national security when you think about it.

Our nation really needs to get real. You might as well hand over our national security concerns to Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez if the Democrats win in 2008. You know, I sometimes wonder what many Americans are going to think come Nov. 4, 2008, when they discover that President Bush is not on the ballot.

To all those liberals out there that consider it "brave" to allow Adolf Ahmadinejad or Adolf Chavez to come and speak on our shores, I dare you wusses to go to over to their lands and try and speak with your same wicked leftist conviction. You will then find out that America is not such a bad land after all.