Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Conroe KOOK Bill Barnes 'Has more faith in the insurgency in Iraq than his own Country'

The Bulletin Publisher and Editor Mike Ladyman has evidently stopped posting Bullpen pieces passing them off as his own, but that has not stopped the kooks who regularly spew their tripish letters on paper much more valuable than the words printed on them, and Conroe kook Bill Barnes is no exception.

Obviously Barnes must have been dropped on his head as a baby, or somehow has been indoctrinated into total hate for his country, because the man has some issues upstairs that need to be resolved. As my nephew says, it's always "opposite day" with Bill Barnes given his hatred for America.

Bill Barnes is easily coercised as we have seen with Algore's “hoax” of man-made global warming, and “the farce” of Y2K. Bill will tell you to buy a Prius, but he'll be seen around town in a busted up old polluting truck. He'll tell you to seperate and recyle your trash, but he'll be the guy burning his trash in the back of his house.

Barnes is a man of hate. Of course he's a Democrat, because when Democrats break the law, he convienently looks the other way, and finds no fault in those Democrats, but he will pound on the Republican who makes the slightest of all missteps. Barnes is a fraud, and he will not be happy until everyone is miserable like him.

The Kook does not want the US in Iraq. He doesn't realize that even if a Democrat is elected President, the US will still remain in Iraq. We must leave a stable Iraq, or face a true bloodbath in the future. The vacuum created by a US withdrawal will truly bring carnage such be as Cambodia following the US withdrawal in Vietnam.

Conroe kook Bill Barnes reports that the "on May 8th, without mention in the U.S. media, the Iraqi parliament signed a petition calling for US withdrawal." Of course the kook websites ran with this. But for fear of being embarrassed because of the false petition the so-called mainstream media failed to carry the breaking news. Hmm.

Would you think a petition sponsored by Muqtada al-Sadr would carry some weight in a US media hellbent on a US loss in Iraq. After all, CNN probably displays their propaganda of US soldiers being gunned down and IEDs killing American troops. Of course the petition participants probably signed their names at the point of an al-Sadr gun calling for the US troops to be withdrawn, and The Kook loves the Al Sadr movement.

Mr. Bill "Kook" Barnes probably thinks that any enemy insurgent against the Bush administration is his friend. Even if that friend would have no qualms about killing Bill Barnes and his entire infidel family. But hell, in The Kooks case -- its all about hating President Bush.

The Kook will never mention of al-Qaeda hinting of peace talks with the US. That would hail Bush as "the peacemaker," and anything less than making President Bush look like a failure in Iraq will not stand. No, for The Kook Bill Barnes, its US withdrawal and failure from Iraq or nothing. He smiles when he hears of another dead American soldier, and especially one from our area.

Yet on the same death note, The Kook Barnes will never bat an eyelash at the latest drive-by shooting that killed a young kid, or how many deaths are caused by doctors bad handwriting, or how many deaths there are in car accidents. All of which run into the high tens of thousands annually, yet The Kook gets pissed when the President claims "that setting a timetable [for a US withdrawal] will 'embolden the terrorists, those who hate and fear democracy'".

It will take many years before we are out of Iraq. Hell, we still have troops in Germany, and Japan, and that was WWII.

Look, we are the United States of America. No matter how much we are loved or hated around the World. We are the still basicly The Worlds "police," but it has to have a strategic interest to the US. We just can't go into Darfur because it makes us feel good, because Kooks like Conroe's Bill Barnes will soon be complaining about that as well, especially if it makes President Bush look good.