Monday, October 08, 2007

TW KOOK Jim Farrell 'Has Not One Drop of Confidence in the American Way'

In response to The Woodlands KOOK James T. Farrell latest tripe letter to The Bulletin titled "Full Circle" I say -- What?

First off, I don't accept the premise that Farrell could convince anybody to do anything; much less convince an Upstate New York Republican, evidently an influentual Republican at that, to completely change his mind on America's national defense attitude, thus turning the former Republican into a total wimp.

You know with the Democrats tactic of lie, lie, lie to fool their base to stand with them, I will stand up, unlike other Republicans, and say "Mr. James T. Farrell, aka The Woodlands KOOK -- PROOF IT!!"

Put your brother-in-laws phone number in my e-mail box. Give me his bio so I can check it out with my New York posse.

I want to call this guy myself, because quite frankly Jim, I don't believe you, and the trees that were felled in the printing of your tripe deserved a better fate.

Can you imagine living in Farrell's "Bush deranged" household? Everything, and I mean, everything that goes wrong from eggs being overcooked on the stove to the cable going out, would literally be blamed on President Bush.

I wonder how the Kook would feel if a President Gore, had "to convince the American public that war with Iraq was in our country’s national interest." I'm positive that Farrell would be singing a different tune.

See as long as a Republican can be saddled with defeat in the War on Terror, the liberals will be doing everything in their power to lose the war.

But the growing "dirty little secret," is that if a Democrat does win the White House in 2008, American troops will not be pulled out, as evidenced in a recent Democrat debate, that posed the question if the Gulf region was not secure, American troops would still be needed in the area.

Liberals will not saddle themselves with defeat, and Farrell will be sadly mistakened if he votes for Clinton or Obama expecting troops in The War on Terror to be back home by February 2009. Sorry Jim, they're staying put.

In reviewing his letter, I'm quite sure that Farrell opposed going into Afghanistan. The man is a complete wimp. He obviously doesn't own a gun, and knowledgeable MC criminals would see his domicile as an easy mark.

Farrell will stoop to any level to find anything to insult his country. He has a Vietnam mindset in an Iraq War world, and old 'flower child' Jim would love another quagmire, which in the case of Iraq is impossible, unless another Democrat White House starts making calls for the Pentagon, personally choosing which targets are to be engaged or not.

Farrell's take on General Petraeus was downright treasonists. Does Jim have a soul?

The General does his job, not at direction of the White House, but from the standpoint of the situation in Iraq.

We hear very little from Iraq nowadays because everything is going well there. That's why attacks on Rush Limbaugh, as false as they are, are given play on liberal airwaves. Not for the truth, but for the lefts mindnumbed robot bases response.

And it is quite funny that Farrell mentions September 11th as the day of the the General's testimony to Congress, but Farrell failed to mention all the al-Qaeda statements that were also played mentioning Democrat talking-points.

Farrell and the Democrats are so dense, that they fail to be embarrassed when America's enemies mention things such as relief for Hurricane Katrina, and other issues that liberals consider their own.

For a culture of death that is the world of the Demcrats, who abort 4,000 fetal lives a day, who support euthanasia wholeheartedly, while they support saving the lives of death row inmates whom they see as future Democrat voters. I know Farrell is eagerly planning the day we he can assemble his flashmob to celebrate 4,000 American deaths.

Look, war is a terrible thing, but it is sadly a necessary evil, and unfortunately many young men and women are cut down in the prime of their lives. And I can attest that in many ways those who survive the battlefield are effected for the rest of their natural lives, and with no regrets for that fact.

To Farrell and all you liberals, how do you think a real peace is achieved?

Name for me one lasting peace accord since Camp David that didn't end badly for somebody?

One thing puzzles me with these Democrats. They keep complaining that we need to get out of Iraq, when we have had troops stationed in Germany and Japan since World War II, and the American's have had a presence in the Persian Gulf for decades now. Korea is still a war at rest.

Farrell's assessment that if the US left Iraq, that the country would remain stable is naive. He's a little girl novice in a man's world. How many other situations where the US has withdrawn leaving a power vacuum has that caused problems leaving millions of innocents dead.

It took over ten years after the American Revolution before our Constitution was signed. So our own history is not perfect. Our country has done many things wrong, but still we have done more things right, and in the few centuries our country has existed when have achieved more than countries thousands of years old.

It's liberals like The Woodlands Kook Jim Farrell that would love to see our country knocked down to the dark ages. His guilt over America being the best and setting the example frustrates him. To Farrell, America should be on the same par as say Botswana.

Ask Jim about his opinion about the United States, and he will speak of a racists nation, an aggressor nation, an environmental wasteland of dirty air and water; a nation that tramples on free speech of others. Of course he would be wrong on all accounts.

And in the case of the latter, it is the Democrats, of which many cases have been documented that show they taken free speech rights away.

I recall the libs rushing the stage at Columbia when Minute Man founder Jim Gilchrist started speaking effectively ending that event, yet when a dictator thug like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shows up on Columbia's stage, he's welcomed with open arms and allowed to speak his peace.

Liberals never speak of the growing environmental disaster of China, nor Chinese human rights issues, but if an American agent so much as twists a terrorists arm accidentally in interrrogations, they'll have the ACLU crawling up their ass. Something is desparately wrong, and it is not the Republican Party.

Someone has got their priorities mixed up, and it's definitely Jim Farrell. I believe in my country, Farrell doesn't. I believe in free speech, Farrell believes in free liberalspeak and of crushing the Conservative voice. I believe in free market health care, Farrell believes in government run health care, from which no one is qualified to operate, and has cost to multiply hundreds fold since the government got involved.

All of Farrell's ideas lead to socialism and communism, which we all know does not work. Hell, the Democrat Big Brothers in Tennessee are losing revenue to cigarettes due to excessive taxation, that they are now posting lookouts across their seven states borders and they are reporting back to TN Highway Patrol if you try and cheat Tennesse out of its taxes, and those with too much are having their cigarettes and beer confiscated.

Farrell is of course salavating over that news, but Conservatives and normal citizens out there, be very scared of taxation of any kind, because they will come for you one day.

So Montgomery County citizens, no matter what The Woodlands Kook Jim Farrell tells you. Whether it be about General Petraeus, the Iraqi government, heel, even about Dick Cheney. Simply don't believe it.

I ask the Lord, please forgive The Woodlands Kook Jim Farrell, for he knows not what he writes.

P.S. - I don't know if Jim Farrell took the Conroe KOOK Bill Barnes writing class in TW, since his writing hasn't shown any improvement of content.

Bill's next class for MC Democrats will be featuring words starting with the letter "B."