Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Bulletin's Liberalism Wanes (Yet their silence on al-Qaeda atrocities is deafening)

As of late The Bulletin Publisher and Editor Mike Ladyman has evidently become aware of this blog and has pulled back from his outright liberal message.

Even The Conroe "Kook" Bill Barnes has limited himself to one-liners agreeing with other Kooks who write-in to
The Bulletin, but in time both of them will be back.

To bad these guys continue to berate the United States, all the while al-Qaeda is literally "baking" 11-years old boys in efforts to gain converts to their brand of the "Religion of Peace."

And by "baking," yes I do mean in an oven, (as in 'shake and bake") with an apple in the boys mouth, and served to his own family under penalty of death.

The silence in the liberal media is deafening over America's enemies doing the most cruel and barbaric of things, but if a US soldier so much as gives an al-Qaeda member a wedgie, all hell breaks lose in the liberal media.

Thankfully the "Big-Three" nightly newscast are slowly dying. Katie Couric is certainly a big flop in her endeavor at CBS News -- Thank God. And in time, America will hopefully get an hour of Wheel-of-Fortune a night instead of the tripe that passes thru Katie's lips on a nightly basis.

To my friends in the liberal media and their fellow Kook supporters, "what is wrong with being pro-American?" (would create to much independence among the people, and the Democrats need victims to vote for them, seeing as they aborted their base of 40 million fetuses, and now need illegial immigrant votes to survive).

Can you find me one example of liberals supporting the troops without throwing-up afterwards? (no).

Why do you liberals continue to put the Democrat Party ahead of God, Family, and the security of our Country? (simply put -- power. Democrats envy dictatorial power such as with Chavez in Venezuela, yet you hear nothing from liberals about the collapsing of democracy and free speech in Venezuela).

In this age of the new threat of nuclear terrorism the liberal attitude that "it can't happen hear" is totally ridiculous as we just saw in the UK and Scotland, and with us on September 11th. I would hope that some expressions coming out of
The Bulletin would express support of the United States, its military, our mission in Iraq, which al-Qaeda itself has said Iraq "is the place to be and fight the infedels" since a democratic Iraq, to al-Qaeda, cannot survive.