Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Conroe Kook Lacks Reality When it comes to Gore's Nobel and America's Energy Concerns

The person that leads a small platoon of Montgomery County environmentalist wackos, the Conroe Kook Bill Barnes, recently wrote his usual one paragraph bilge to The Bulletin's E& P, Mike Ladyman.

The letter titled "Gore, U.N. Group Win 2007 Nobel Peace Prize," in this weeks Bulletin was a complete embarrassment. I'm embarrassed for you Bill, and on your behalf I apologize to the Citizens of Montgomery County for your complete incompetence when it comes to environmental issues.

It's people like you Bill, especially those liberal nut-jobs in governmental bureaucracies that make the "wrong" decisions for the public, which costs those in the public dearly later for their decisions made today.

For instance, those liberals have got a hold of government bureaucracy so much that they have not allowed a refinery to be built in the US for almost two generations. And guess what, we now have to pay $2.50 plus per gallon of gas just to go to work, and there's no hope in sight for $0.99 gas, especially with the fact that our refineries are aging beyond belief, and have to be brought down occasionally for maintenance. China is now consuming more and more oil, and building coal plants with no regards to the environment, and the US has no effective energy plan that involves a market driven 'green' goal, which I have no problem with as long as it is “market driven.”

Again, the liberals think of no consequences to their actions when it came to no refineries, and that was thirty years ago. And don't think that refineries can go up overnight -- it takes 10 years to build one at great expense to the investor.

Now, we have states like Kansas, who are starting to turn down permits to build 'clean burning coal technology plants' over concerns of so-called "man-made global warming" which is totally unproven and never will be, and we will only have ourselves to blame when it becomes apparent that energy providers will not have enough of the stuff to dish out in the future for America’s energy needs. Can you say “rolling blackouts” anyone? Thank God Texas has its own energy grid and I hope we continue to make the right decisions.

Coal is America's greatest natural resource, and Kansas may well set a trend in turning down permits to provide for our energy future, when we should be building up those technologies now with the anticipation of going green in thirty to four years when those plants are nearing the end of their lifetimes.

But with liberals they only think about 'the next five minutes, and what the next poll has to say. The libs don't think about the future. They can spin only the present.

The only country that I can see that thought about the future in regards to its energy needs was Brazil, and that was over thirty years ago. They have an ethanol-based fuel that is not a food base like ours is, and just recently declared their energy independence.

Energy independence will never happen in the US until we wake up and see what liberalism has done to us. Liberals never account for improved technologies in their assumptions on the environment. It's always coal is 'filthy' and gas causes 'man-made global warming'. But that is not true.

I get so angry sometimes that I can spit, but it is your children that will have to deal with the real decisions that are being made by today's environmentalist liberals. So go ahead and start blaming yourself now.