Wednesday, August 01, 2007

TW KOOK Jim Farrell 'Bush/Cheney must be impeached' (If he didn't lie, he'd have nothing to say)

Once one KOOK leaves The Bulletin's grace (i.e. - the Conroe KOOK Bill Barnes), another one takes his place. This time, it is The Woodlands KOOK James T. Farrell, out of Oak Ridge North. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy already has a Barack Obama for President yardsign in his front of his house for the white guilt he oozes.

The kook James Farrell, who has written several letters before, would believe a poll stating that more than 70% of Democrats believe that the sky is green. And in liberals ever belief, however made up polls are, Farrell touts one of Bruce Feins latest pieces breeding dream "impeachment scenarios" involving President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

And as with most liberal arguments, The Woodlands kook Jim Farrell, in order to get his point across in his tripe -- HAS TO LIE!!! Look, Fein may have worked for Republicans in the past, but he is not a Conservative Republican who has abandoned Bush/Cheney and started writing against him with all haste.

When Fein writes for the "liberal hawk", the kook Farrell still labels Fein as Conservative. Bullcrap. That proves that the kook is nothing but a cheat, liar, and fraud. And the worst thing is that he has to lie to himself. How do you think that his letter found itself in
The Bulletin's mailbox?

If you look at the pledges of Bruce Fein's organization American Freedom Agenda, they appear to be talking points from the ACLU and Democratic National Committee, and are very much supported by al-Qaeda in every which way.

The kook Farrell's idea that by including a so-called "Conservative Republican" in his letter who is against President Bush, he didn't think that someone would actually take a few moments to verify his assertions -- its ridicuous. But what do you expect from
The Bulletin's readers.

I would venture to guess that Jim Farrell has never supported the United States. I honestly believe that he couldn't define American Exceptionalism, nor does he believe in the greatness of America.

The kook does believe that the US's kidnapping and jailing of bad guys is bad, and that the governments listening in of the most select of phone conversations involving suspected terrorists is much worse. Hopefully in the future we will be able to do what FDR did to suspected terrorists during WWII -- open their mail.

The kook Farrell never explores why the US does what its does. He never examines that we have not got hit again since 9/11. No, with the kook, the US is always the bad guy, no matter how barbaric al-Qaeda can be.

Of course The Woodlands kook completely ignores al-Qaeda's chopping off of American prisioners heads, or the fact that al-Qaeda's bakes pre-teen boys like a pig, and serves them to his family in order to recruit them to their brand of the Religion of Peace. Even The Woodlands kook Jim Farrell has his standards.

Look, I don't want to know what our good guys are doing to al-Qaeda to keep us safe. To leak that stuff only hurts us, and you know if Clinton or Obama are ever elected President reporting like that will suddenly stop. All of a sudden, the economy will look bright, worthless Democrat oversight of the Clinton or Obama Administration will stop, and we will suddenly get good news out of Iraq.

To The Woodlands kook James T. "Jim" Farrell, if the US is so bad as you say, why don't you do like a lot of other Americans liberals who adore socialism -- MOVE TO CANADA!!!!