Friday, September 28, 2007

No Wonder former RINO Fjetland Was Creamed in the Election

Although he writes slicker that the Conroe KOOK Bill Barnes and The Woodlands KOOK Jim Farrell, Michael Fjetland, in his letter to The Bulletin's Publisher and Editor Mike Ladyman titled "We need a uniter," in this weeks paper, one can get the sense that America is always wrong, Chrisitianity is always wrong, and unless we yield American greatness to some piss ant third world country -- then we haven't got a chance.

Michael Fjetland, as you may remember, ran against Tom DeLay in 2004, and mustered a whopping 2% of the vote. He's now an Independent, which means he to chicken to call himself at least a Progressive, which in my book means liberal. The former Republican in Name Only, RINO, ran against DeLay twice.

Fjetland at this junction in his prose can be labeled a "snake oil salesman," for what he tries to sell as a cure-all for all of Americas ills is nothing more that a relabeled bottle of bad tasting Castor Oil in a bright shiny Democrat bottle.

When Fjetland speaks of "the next President" in his letter to Ladyman, those you can understand
The Bulletin's liberalspeak know full well he means "the next DEMOCRAT President."

Nowhere in Fjetland's letter does he speak of American exceptionalism. Nowhere in his tripe does he speak of the Judeo-Christian values that made the United States, which in only 200 short years, has become the greatest country that ever existed.

No, with Fjetland, "we need a President who earns us respect worldwide by showing respect." He wants a yeilding America. A bent over America that is retrospect of some gay guy taking it in the you know what.

Pardon me Mr. Fjetland, we've already had a President that went around the world showing respect and apologizing for every little thing that Ameica apparently did wrong. His name was Mr. Bill Clinton, and his inaction in a time of much needed decision, was one of the main reasons why my country was attacked on September 11th, a day that Fjetland, probably like Barbara Streisand's husband and worthless actor James Brolin, looks on as a day of celebration rather that a day of remembrance. "Happy September 11th," as Brolin says.

Like a Democrat, in no way does Fjetland present one solution in his tripe. When it comes to oil, he never mentions domestic drilling, only some bull about harnessing the solar power in desert places like Algeria that would provide Europe the power it is now getting from Russian oil." What?

And of course, Fjetland, will never mention market forces, that are the rightfully justifier of alternative fuels demand, which is the only way something like that will work. Look, until the poor man can buy a hybrid without the urging of government, then shut up. And no one, and I mean no one, is talking about the environmental disaster of tens of thousands nickel medal hybride batteries and their impact on the environment in the future. If you think a few AA and AAA batteries in our landfills is bad, just wait.

Folks, liberals never think about the consequences to any of their actions. And libs tell me that burning corn in my gasoline will make the planet safer, but when corn prices are skyrocketing, forcing tortilla riots in Mexico, something is wrong. Corn, if you don't know, is the base food for most of the food products we eat, being milk, meat, cheese, etc. In some form or fashion the animal that started the process was fed corn. Ever wonder why milk at Walgreens is $4 a gallon?

Look, when liberals like the socialist Ted Kennedy get pissed when plans for a wind farm place it within site of his Nantucket Sound complex, that speaks volumes. Liberals exempt themselves from what they tell you, and do exactly the opposite.

For instance, Al Gore, the Bishop of the Church of Environmentalism, will tell you to be environmentally friendly in your home and car, but in his house, he uses twenty times as much power as the average home in Conroe. And when it comes to his Gulfstream 400 private jet, it is the most environmentally unfriendly plane flying, being four times worst environmentally than a regular commercial jet, and his plane carries less than 20 people. You can drive across the country like ten times -- back and forth -- and still not emit as many carbon emissions as Al Gore in his jet flying just one way across the country.

Folks, we are looking at "do as I say, not as I do" liberals in action, and Fjetland is just one of them.

When, Fjetland talks of a "uniter," I can't help but think of us under the umbrella of socialism. In Michael's book, all of us Outer Party folks, as well as the proles will be subjected to Fjetland's Big Brother philosophy.

On another for instance, if you don't sign up for Comrade Clinton's proposed voluntary mandatory health care plan, you could wind up paying a hefty fine, or worst yet if you do, you might be directed by Big Brother's doctor to quit smoking or stop eating Whataburgers, before you can receive care under her perverted government healthcare plan.

Don't let any liberal tell you socialist healthcare is the solution.

Market forces brother. How come doctors are the only professional expected to work for free? No wonder we have so many foreign doctors now. If government gets any further involved in our healthcare no American will waist the time to sign up to be a doctor, and they are very much needed.

Fjetland's attack on Christianity was more than uncalled for. For Christ's sake (intentionally used to piss off liberals), Osama bin Laden (D-Afghanistan) on September 11th spouted Democrat talking points in his demand that we all convert to Islam.

Yet over here, Osama bin Fjetland will never mention that to
The Bulletin's gullible readers who take his tripe for the liberal gospel.

What does Fjetland care what the Pope says? He only denounces him because Michael detest Christianity anyway. The Pope does not demand everyone convert to Catholicism or he will kill us all. Yet Michael condemns His Holiness.

Does Michael denouce Islamofascism? Hell no. To Fjetland, "the enemy (al-Qaeda) of my enemy (President Bush), is my friend." Even if it is Osama bin Laden.