Friday, November 09, 2007

Get Someone Elected before you cry Single Member Districts in Conroe

In a recent letter to The Bulletin that was titled "Single Member Districts" I was suddenly skeptical. I suspected something, and did a few searches real quickly, and low and behold I saw LULAC. I wasn't so surprised, but my jaw dropped anyway.

I don't see anything that LULAC does as contributing to American values, or -- to becoming American. I see LULAC as doing the opposite. Their aim to keep Hispanics from learning English, or God forbid, vote Republican, which thankfully more Hispanics, as well as Blacks are doing.

LULAC, I see as nothing but race baiters, like the Sharpton's and the Jackson's, they have to keep their constituencies dumbed down, America hating, middle and upper class hating and dependent on the LULAC for leadership. That's why racism will never be solved in the United States according to them. That's how they make their living. No racism means no money going into their coffers.

Luis Cristo of LULAC Council 1087, says that "We represent 40 percent of the minority voters who are not heard in the city."

First Mr. Cristo, no one has a right to be heard in this country. You have a right to speech, but it's up to you to make people want to listen to you. The only people who have the right to be heard are a few privileged people in Communist countries.

There has been at least one Hispanic citizen on the ballot for Conroe City Council before, Norma Duran, who ran for Council, Place 3, back in May 2006. Where was that 40% then?

Duran came in third place garnering only 346 votes. That was a prime opportunity for Conroe Hispanics to earn the respect of their fellow citizens, and like every other opportunity they get, they threw it away. Mind you, I have Hispanic blood in me, and even if I didn't have that blood, it still needed to be said.

I was an acquaintance of Duran since I attended the same soccer games she attended. I can't remember her politics at that time, but I voted for Debbie Glenn. Jim Gentry took the election with 958 votes. That was also the year the Guy Martin ran against his brother Jay Ross, making waves in the media. I voted for Guy, and still enjoy his newsletter every now and then.

Single Member Districts in Conroe will not solve the problem. I don't hear about the Black population complaining about not having representation, and they were here well before the Hispanic population in the county grew.

If any one group has failed it has been the Hispanic population of Conroe for not organizing to elect one of their own.

City elections don't have the greatest turnouts are they are notoriously low in voter turnout. Quite simply, Duran didn't get around to get her message out. How many people did she talk with during her campaign?
Case in point, I used to be an influential member of Brazoria County politics and am on schedule to be an influential member of MC politics in the next year or two.

I was there when in 1995 when Dennis Bonnen was introduced at his first GOP House Party, a fresh faced snot-nosed kid fresh out of St. Edward's University, with virtually no job or political experience to speak of.

How did Bonnen get recognized and win in '96. He knocked on thousands upon thousands of Brazoria County doors, something like in the order of 10,000 that I recall, and he got elected, and has been reelected six-times since then.

Did Bonnen ask government to give him a chance to get elected? Hell no. He saw an opportunity, he went for it, and he won, just by facial recognition and a sound belief in his policies and party, and he still won, despite being a kid.

Although the leaders of the Conroe Single Member District Committee I believe are Black, I believe they can learn from this posting. Sedrick Thrower is a Court Clerk II for the county, and I'm not sure if he is still president of the Metropolitan Child Development Center in Conroe. I'm not sure what Carl White does.

I don't mind minority representation at all, but you have to do with without the help of government. Show yourself to be a proud American, believe in those American values, wear an American flag lapel on your person, and put your hand-over-the-heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. All of those things Democrat Presidential candidate, Barack Obama does not do, mind you.

I was proud to hear that an American of Asian Indian decent Bobby Jindal won the recent governor's race in Louisiana. Hell, I'd vote for J.C. Watts in a minute for President, and he is a Black man. Both are Republican.

See, for Conservatives, it's about the ideology. Skin color doesn't ever factor into the equation.

With Democrats, skin color is the biggest factor in the equation.