Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last Weeks Bulletin Full of False Assumptions on Health Care

Talking about lying Democrats, check out the Oct. 11-18 issue of The Bulletin pages 2 and 3, if you can still find it, but it is on the website. You would think that government health care were in the Constitution or something.

I inherited a family Bible several years ago from an Aunt that is now barely hanging on in a Austin nursing home. When I looked in the beautiful book I found several family momentos decades old, which I have come to cherish.

I also found a hospital receipt from the hospital in Austin that had been stuffed in the bowels of the Bible. It was for a short stay in Brackenridge Hospital, and the receipt was for a whopping total of $30.00.

Of course the receipt was dated from the Kennedy Administration, and I don't know how long my Aunt took to pay off the bill or anything like that, but it was certainly a time when a hospital bill was still unperverted by the likes of government and the Johnson Administration, when it was projected that Medicare would only be $ 9 billion per year -- for eternity. Yeah right!

In the budget for next year, 1/3rd of the total will go to pay the Social Security payments of our senior citizens. That's over $700 million of nearly $3 trillion, and we haven't even got into Medicare and Medicade, all the fraud possibilities, etc, nor the fact that the first of Americas 'baby boomers' just started retiring.

For nearly 190 years prior to the LBJ Administration, and decades and decades before that, Americans were entrusted to themselves in taking care of their own health. Granted, they were tough times and all that, and doctors and healthcare facilties were not as readily available as they are today, but Americans had choice.

All Americans do not truly have a choice today when it comes to health care today. The extremely wealthy do of course, but for these purposes they don't count. I'm talking just the average Joe, who up until the time of the Kennedy American, like my Aunt did, could go to the hospital an not be forced to leave a kidney to pay for care.

Like it or not liberals, the US has the best health care system in the World. And although as flawed as it may be, we have Canadians, and many others from around the World who flock here in search of good health.

Government is the problem when it comes to our healthcare. Government run healthcare has always been a backdoor socialist program, and it always will be. It allows for no competition whatsoever so prices continue to rise, as well as the cost of health insurance.

And the SCHIP bill that the President vetoed was just another example of backdoor socialism that would have put nearly every American under 25 years of age on a government run healthcare program.

The President likes the current SCHIP program as written, and wanted to add more children by providing additioinal funds to cover more children, but the Democrats had to pervert the entire thing, with the thinking that anything that has the word "children" in it and is vetoed is assumed bad news for the President.

Evidently, that is not true, and the Democrats were caught.

So what of the solution? Again. Ask a Democrat what his solution is and he will say "the government." Wrong.

The solution will be for the government to get out of the doctors and hospitals way. Do what Texas did, and limit liabilities on lawsuits. No wonder doctors are moving to Texas in droves.

Obviously, state boards that govern the license of doctors need to have more power to rule on the complaints of doctors so that those in the wrong can be removed immediately from practice.

Perhaps doctors should be routinely tested to make their skills are up to standards of practice.

There are lots of options in making our healthcare even better.

Medical Savings Accounts are a great way to help reduce routine preventive medical care, of which the premiums are way to high already. Many families pay as much as $5000.00 or more per year on health coverage. Ridiculous.

What Americans really need is 'catastrophic insurance' plans, which should be separate from MSA's and can be sold at much lower premiums, dependent upon the deductable.

I look at catastrophic insurance as a bond that is held in reserve until it is time to cash it in for use. Simple as that.
The letters posted by The Woodlands Kook Jim Farrell, and now Montgomery Kookette Barbara Peyton on the SCHIP bill were irresponsible and lacked any bit of reality in reference to the truth in regards to the bill.

It is yet another example of Democrats having to lie to get there point across.

And the use of worthless polls to prove there point is growing so old as well. Most of us know, that polls are already predetermined before pollsters make up their first contacts.

Another thing with the liberals and healthcare. They never offer any solutions. Only that the government healthcare umbrella is the only way to go.

Well libs. Tell that to Great Britian and Canada, where government run health care in one word -- SUCKS!!!