Monday, August 27, 2007

TW Millionare Liberal Feels Guilty For His Success (Wants us all to feel crappy)

If there is one thing that I loath in this world besides al-Qaeda, cancer, liver, and lima beans, its rich, snobbish, white guiltish liberals, like Dick Alexander, from The Woodlands, who complain that the real meaning of "tax relief is to cut taxes for the wealthy and to pass debt on to future generations."

Folks, if you haven't heard the news, the Federal revenue in April hit an all-time high, which has helped improve the budget deficit this year. Governments all over are flush with money, yet Stalinist liberals like Dick Alexander wants us all to submit to him in the spirit of '1984,' because good 'ol Dick will then be in the "Big Brother" crowd.

Alexander, who chairs a successful company (thank goodness its private or I would have called my Edward Jones rep. and dump any interest I had) has donated $1,500 to Hillary Clinton, another stinking rich white guiltish liberal, who wants to be "Big Sister."

Alexander blames President Reagan, and both Presidents Bush for our national debt, while convienently leaving out President Clinton, but of course good 'ol Dick does not examine any of the details and just throws out statics in his recent Republicans BAD, Democrats GOOD letter to
The Bulletin Publisher and Editor Mike Ladyman.

I don't know what good 'ol Dick believes to be "bad policy," but what President Reagan and the Presidents Bush have done is to face real world threats, not run away from them like President Clinton did. Facing world threats takes money, and the truth. It's incredible, that in the time since 9/11 our economy has doubled, and still in the liberal media we only get news stories about the stock market correcting.

I bet you good 'ol Dick has never once thought about the Soviet Union in writing any of his tripe, nor has he thought about any of Clinton's trickery while ignoring his contributions to the national debt.

Of course good 'ol Dick will never mention, if memory serves me correct, that when President Clinton restructured the national debt during his Presidency, he choose to use short-term loans with slightly lower interest rates than the 30-years interest rates that were offered at the time. All this so Clinton's poll numbers would look good and he could be heralded in the liberal media. A lot of good that did oral-sex legacied president.

That's Democrats folks. They show you a trick with their right hand and lift your wallet with their left.

We all know that the Clintons take credit for the great economy in the nineties, but it was not until 1995, when Republicans gained leadership in The House that the economy started to take off until late in Clinton's Presidency when his policies started to slow it down, and it can be argued that President Reagan set the stage for the roaring economy of the '90s with the reduction in tax rates, and that it's the Bush 43 tax cuts that are responsible for record revenues we are having today.

I am tired of liberals like Dick Alexander, trying to scare us to death over the national debt. During the Clinton years, they said the budget could be balanced in two years, then five, then ten, and so on. It wasn't a priority to the Clinton's then, and neither should it be now.

The national debt has been an issue since before I was born, and none of the predictions that we are going to be wiped out by the deficit have never materialized, yet our ecomony keeps chugging along.

The Democrats are the party of "tax and spend." Democrats, and good 'ol Dick Alexander want you to panic. They want you to run to them like scared puppies running to their Mother's teet as it thunders outside.

I say don't panic. Don't let liberals like Dick Alexander put you into panic.

"The wealthy" such as Dick Alexander, "and the corporations" such as Global Shop Solutions, "have been the primary recipients of Republican tax cuts," and the both of them are thriving.

Five will get you ten that good 'ol Dick structures his compensation much like Warren Buffett and other CEO's who would be stupid to pay themselves huge taxable salaries, when other means of compensation can be found. And of course, if the tightwad Dick Alexander would have shelled out another hundred thousand or two, he could have had a home on Lake Woodlands rather than living across the street from it. I guess he couldn't get a government handout.

Look Dick Alexander, if you feel so guilty about being successful and rich, do as The Bible says, and sell all your possessions, and give the money to the poor. But instead, you want a Big Brother type government to take everybody elses money and possessions, and give them to the poor.

Mr. Alexander, If you are so adamant that "'tax relief' means cutting taxes for the wealthy and creating a large national debt to be paid for by future generations," why don't you set a liberal example for once -- GIVE YOUR TAXCUT BACK.