Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bush Approval Numbers Show how Flawed Polls are in the Days with Dwindling Telephone Landlines in Homes (Cell phone only homes never get polled)

Thank God that President George W. Bush is not liberal and is not mastered by approval polls. If Bush were Clintonesk, we would have already withdrawn from the War on Terror by now.

Let's be honest. For the truly educated our there, you know that pollsters already have a conclusion in mind even before the first poll question is asked, and whether the respondents answer the way the pollster wishes or not, the liberal media headline is still going to read: Bush's approval rating falls to 28%.

Polls todays are made up news that stand in for real news. If they are not totally fake they are vastly skewed. My God, President Clinton had poll numbers in the low 70's following impeachment, and the man never go 50% of the Presidential vote.

Polls are manufactured according to the questions asked in the poll. For instance, if worded right, a poll could make Adolf Hitler look out to be one of the world's greatest humanitarians when we all know he killed millions. So when I see President Bush having approvals in the 30's or 20's, I say please. Even the man's base would not desert him in droves.

I know in the future, that GWB will be regarded as a great President in the future, just as approvals Clinton in the 70's will pan out to him being an average President in the future. In effect, the spin machine cannot go on forever.
In this age of 'cell phone and VoIP only' households pollsters only use landlines to contact their respondents, many people are being left out of polling, which vastly skews the polls in favor of the liberals. And guess whose home with their landlines during the day -- senior citizens and the non-workers. Yes, the Oprah watchers, the drive-by media watchers, are there answering the poles, and making it look like our country is falling apart.

But even if the liberal media were allowed to contact any available number and get all the information they needed fairly -- would anything change?