Monday, May 07, 2007

'The Bulletin' Offers No Janet Reno Input When Crucifying AG Gonzales

Has Attorney General Alberto Gonzales returned a little kid who arrived on our shores from a communist nation back to a communist country. Has Attorney General Alberto Gonzales murdered citizens while carrying weapons on their own property such as with David Koresh's gang in Waco, or parts of Randy Weaver's family at Ruby Ridge. HELL NO!

Was Attorney General Alberto Gonzales part of an Administration that fired every US Attorney for personal reasons when existing US Attorneys were hurting the interest of the Clinton Administration. HELL NO! And I won't even bring up Chinagate, and how that was brushed aside by Janey Reno, the Attorney General for Clinton.

Yes, in the latest bilge from our good friends at The Bulletin we get "Enough is Enough: Gonzales Has Got to Go -- And It's Up to the New Congress to See That it Happens," which labels Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as a "clueless, hapless figurehead," Republicans as wrongdoers, Democrats as angelic, and they have to go back to the Nixon Administration to find any so-called "official misconduct" that was just as egregious in a Presidential Administration.

We all know that The Bulletin labels themselves as 'Alternative' in our overwhelmingly Conservative Montgomery County. But for those liberal Democrats who wish to be taken under the umbrella of The Bulletin's liberal breath, let it be known that you either know that you are being lied to, and/or you plain just don't care.

Our good friends at The Bulletin, Mike the publisher, and Mark the plagiarizer, have to think of themselves as the 'liberal souls' of Conroe and Montgomery County. They can be seen as the great withholders of pertinent information that would educate its readership. Just as slaveowners sought not to teach their slaves to read for fear of mass revolt, so to The Bulletin ensures that its slavish readers are kept dumb seeing as an educated liberal democrat will eventually turn Republican.

As one who knows that newspaper and television news are a product just as much as canned vegetables and cereals are stocked in the aisles of Kroger's, HEB, and Budget Chopper, it boggles my mind why our good friends at The Bulletin cater to only 18% - 22% of Montgomery County residents. To me that is bad for business, and for our friends to change their mind and their entire way of thinking they would have to undergo an intervention. It reminds me of the old adage that it takes less muscles to smile than to frown, so why overwork.

Look, if Gonzales were truly guilty, he would have been gone by now. Hardly anyone brings the facts of Clinton's replacing every US Attorney when he moved into the White House, a move I would have supported Bush doing at the beginning of his term.

Quite simply, you cannot trust the liberals, or liberal appointees. You cannot trust the liberal bureaucracy, who believe their jobs are more important than the safety of the nation. You cannot trust liberals with our national security, for they see the US as more of the enemy than they do al-Qaeda.

I don't only blame the liberals for this Gonzales incident, I blame the Bush Administration too for being so damn nice to liberals. So many times they could have blown questions out of the water -- but they are so 'goddamned' nice. And that can be frustrating at times.

This whole so-called "scandal" has truly been manufactured seening as everything that Bush takes part in has to be seen as scandal by the drive-by liberal media. Those US Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President, and one or two even were due to be replaced.

Have you noticed the increased amount of "oversight" we are getting from the current do-nothing liberal Congress? The perjury traps set are ridiculous. That's how they got Scooter Libby, whose testimony was based on no crime at all.

There are a lot of stupid people out there. Thankfully most of them are Democrats, who still believe the Duke lacross boys guilt even when proven innocent, and they equally condemn Tom Delay for his so-called 'proven' unjudged offenses. That's why we have two justice systems. The courtroom of public opinion held by the drive-by liberal media, and the actual courts governed by our Constitution, which is sometimes battered but for the most part intact.

Its incredible that I haven't even mentioned race yet. If Gonzales were a liberal under a liberal Administration this whole thing wouldn't even be news. In fact, if Gonzales were a liberal, it would be the fired US Attorneys who would be under fire, and the motivation for the story.

But no, AG Gonzales is not a liberal, and The Bulletin is "telling him to resign." You know, the silence of the Hispanic community is deafening, but that usually happens when non-liberal minorities make it without the help of the Democrat Party.