Sunday, May 06, 2007

35% Democrats (17% of them American) Think Bush Let 9/11 Happen (and French Elections)

A recent Rassmussen Report poll noted that 35% of Democrats think that GWB knew of the 9/11 in advance. Of course this poll will be hailed as the greatest evidence against Bush from our friends at The Bulletin and the liberal drive-by media.

To selectively believe the poll, then you have to totally ignore the suggestions that FDR knew in advance of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the PI, etc. in December 1941. In all reality in this regard, the thinking that the FDR Administration knew in advance of Japanese attacks may have some plausibility -- multiple war warnings had been issued. But hardcore historians on the subject may more than likely believe that the FDR Administration believed that the Japanese would attack The Phillipines due to its proximity to Japan, and its war making capabilities aside from Pearl Harbor with its compliment of US Army Air Corp planes and the US Navy Asiatic Fleet stationed at Cavite Navy Yard.

Now if the US Pacific Fleet HQ had not moved from San Diego to Pearl Harbor in May 1940, perhaps the main thrust of the December 1941 Japanese attacks would have been pointed at the PI or the attack would have been delayed or perhaps not have taken place at all, but after all, history is history.

This poll exactly defines how kooks such as the MoveOn.orgers and other Soros types have taken over the Democrat Party. Just as our CIA knew back in the days of JFK that the USSR was a paper tiger, I'm placing my "sure thing" bet that the Democrat kook fringe, the drive-by liberal media, of which The Bulletin is apart of, will soon falter, and evidence of that can be seen in the recent French elections.

For Christ's sake, 85% of the French voted over the weekend, and a pro-US French President was elected. What do you expect when France is being relieved of its "Frenchness" by the socialists and immigrants who don't wish to assimilate, those who think ill will of the French teet from which they suck, and seek to poison the rest of the population with their insanity.

When the liberal drive-by media can only muster 22% of Americans to think that Bush let 9/11 happen, you know they have to be failing in their Stalinists endeavor. Like the USSR, the drive-by liberal media, The Bulletin included, is a paper tiger. Thank God they continue to lose readership at every six-month reporting period. And to survive, the drive-by liberal media will one day have to start telling "the truth," because their biggest reader and viewership, gullible senior citizens, who don't research on their own, are slowing dying off.

And guess who the drive-by liberal media and The Bulletin blames for their problems-- YOU, because you are too stupid to understand the liberal medias way of thinking.