Saturday, May 26, 2007

Conroe KOOK Bill Barnes 'Believes Every Word His Environmentalist Wacko Bishop Al Gore Says'

The Bulletin Publisher and Editor Mike Ladyman may have taken a week off in printing anti-American propaganda in honor of Memorial Day, but the kooks who regularly write letters to him have not made the same deal.

Conroe kook Bill Barnes, who is an ever believer in the church of global warming, takes on all-comers whenever the bishop of his environmentalists wacko church, Al Gore, is attacked in any way. The receipient of Barnes rath is Steve Casey from Stonewall, Louisiana, who "wrote in the April 6 Bulletin, noting a similarity between “the hoax” of global warming and “the farce” of Y2K."

The kook Barnes writes, "Mr. Casey's analogy between possible over-reacting to the perceived threat of inconvenient costly computer chaos and the very real and scientifically proven threat of life-threatening, catastrophic global warming is weak and Ill-conceived." Undoubtedly Barnes, has changed his tune from his old communist loving days, which most wacko environmentalists have switched over from in an everlasting effort to control our lives from the cars we drive to how many breaths the Democrats will "authorize" us to take in the future.

Barnes complains of Mr. Casey not having any "documentation" to support his cause, but their is plenty out there for those who really want to find out the truth. If there is anyone who does not provide any "documentation" it is Al Gore himself. In his worthless book "Earth in the Balance," commonly referred by Conservatives as "Earth in the Learch," Gore does not include one scientific reference to back up his assertions.

In his worthless book, Gore called for the Earth mission of an "environmentalism of the spirit." Casey is right in bringing up the money angle to "the global warming bandwagon." The liberal consensus of "scientists who want their projects financed must go with the cash-flow.” They know the facts when it comes to man-made global warming, compared to natures emissions, man's contribution is miniscule, something like 4% of all emissions the World, including what nature puts out.

So how does the Conroe kook Bill Barnes rebut Casey, with worthless tripe of course and not with science. Who cares how much was donated to whom, where is your science Mr. Bill "Kook" Barnes. I guarantee you that President Bush's ranch in Crawford is much more environmentally friendly than Al Gore's mansion in Tennessee, which virtually requires its own power station since Gore uses twenty times the average household in a single month.

It seems to me that Al Gore is nothing more than a "do as I say, not as I do liberal." It also seems to me that Mr. Bill Barnes of Conroe, herein known as "The Kook," can quote just about every argument outside of the science realm to justify his rage at man's so-called "raping" of the planet.

How the hell wacko environmentalists such as Al Gore, and The Kook Bill Barnes have been able to promote their cause this winter and spring has to boggle one's mind. This year's winter has been one of the coldest on record, in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. In Conroe, we have had nightime lows in the 50s in this month of May, which to many of us is unheardof. In Anchorage this winter, fire hydrants were bursting from the cold. Two global warming researchers were forced to call off their mission to the North, when they got "frost-bite" of all things, the Canadian seal hunt had to be delayed or cancelled because the fleet was trapped in ice. In fact, multiple global warming conferences scheduled this past winter were cancelled because of "the cold."

In the Southern Hemisphere, a South Africa newspaper reported last week "winter has started to take hold of the country as very cold conditions are expected over the central interior of South Africa this week," and this has begun to affect crops and give South Africans their own big chill.

If any of you see "The Kook" Barnes this week or next, ask him how the Sun plays out in the Global Warming debate. It does cycle, which causes the Earth to warm or cool over hundreds or thousands of years. Ask "The Kook" how does rain factor into global warming? Or better yet, ask "The Kook" "how did man get an SUV on Mars?" because their polar ice caps are melting too.

The Kook will not be able to fight you with facts on science. He'll tell you how "Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds, Chevron, Exxon, Shell Oil, Tenneco Gas, American Petroleum Institute, Amoco and Atlantic Richfield," all "contributed heavily to Bush/Cheney'04."

The Kook will complain that you that you are contributing to global warming, that "NASCAR fans, churchgoers, labor-union members, small businessmen, engineers, hunters, sportsmen," all are contributing to global warming. And not to mention, ask The Kook if he uses one-square of toilet paper, and suffers from a case of the "sticky-butt."

Ask The Kook if “An Inconvenient Truth” were made by George W. Bush rather than Al Gore, how much of "a testimony to our duty as stewards of the earth God," would it be. See environmentalism is a religion -- Earth is their God, or was it Bill Clinton, Al Gore, or Barack Obama, I can't remember.

The Kook Bill Barnes really sums up how desperate or stupid he is in writing this statement, "watch Al Gore's gift to mankind and decide for yourself before it's too late," for Earth's sake (not Christ's of course).

I'm sure The Kook would have wrote if he thought he would get away with it, "please watch Al Gore's gift to mankind and decide for yourself before it's too late, the Earth only has 90 days to live."

The Kooks final plea to Conroe's stupid, please "rise above politics and religion," please support my environmental bishop Al Gore, and "don't be deluded by charlatans like Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh." It is pathetic isn't it.

I suppose The Kook Bill Barnes would at least listen to liberal talk radio if they could keep it on the air for liberal talk radio, Air America included, has been a dismal failure. The Kook ought to listen to Beck and Limbaugh, and maybe, just maybe, he might just smarten up.