Monday, May 21, 2007

If Bush is No Churchill, then Clinton is No Kennedy (Nor John Holmes)

In's "Last refuge of the scoundrel," which is labeled "Bush Ain’t No Churchill And Iraq Ain’t No World War II... But Don’t Tell That to the G.O.P.," in this weeks The Bulletin, in which Publisher and Editor Mike Ladyman tries to pass on as his own, the statements are rather lame on the part of the liberal Democrats or Progressives, or whatever the want themselves to be referred.

I do believe that Democrats "are a cross between Benedict Arnold and Tokyo Rose," but I don't believe that a majority of the American people are traitors. Deep down, I believe they want to win the war, and have peace. And believe me, peace thru dialogue will not work. Just as the people of the Czechoslovakia found out in 1938.

I think many Americans are misinformed by a purposely misleading propagandists liberal media,
Mike Ladyman included, which gives them power in the Press with the hopeful achievement of controlling the White House, the Congress, the Courts, just as the Nazis did in the early 1930's with their control of an entire people in every aspect of their lives, including their thoughts.

I guarantee you, as a loyal American, as a Taxpayer, the GOP, the Republican Party (once they get off their duffs and get on the right track), will do the right thing, especially with this illegal immigration issue. NO AMNESTY!!!

I challenge every Democrats patriotism. Look, when you have the Democrat civilian Leadership saying "WE CAN'T WIN THIS WAR," what would you rather have -- someone with the qualities of PM Churchill, as we have seen in President Bush, or someone with the surrender qualities of Marshal Pétain, like the leadership of the Democrat party as we have seen with Liberal Senator Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

I wonder how many Americans have been rethinking their 2006 votes when they heard or read "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's statement, "As long as we follow the president's path in Iraq, the war is lost,"" or how many Black's are thinking of switching back to the Republican Party when they realize how their voices will be trampled down by millions of newly legalized illegally-based citizens. I truly believe the Democrats know not what they do.

But you know what the kicker is, the Democrats are in power. Yet they won't suggest anything other than losing the war as long as its saddled on Bush. Because if we run from the WOT like we ran in Somalia, we invite one or two more 9/11's, perhaps even a nuclear 9/11, which can never be blamed on President Bush. The Democrat's French-like statements of weakness are incredible. Doesn't anybody have a memory.

Does anybody remember when President Bush 41 was running for office, how he was label by the liberal media as a "wimp" on National Defense. How far we have come when the Democrats can openly herald "We've lost the war," and stage worthless votes on bringing the troops home and cutting off funding. Each and every Democrat would sell their Mother to the Devil if they could regain control of all branches of the Government.

What's missing from's worthless tripe is the word "Vietnam," a time when liberals believed that the "best and brightest" were not fighing in 'Nam, but protesting in our city streets and universities across the United States. The liberals of today want to relive those days, but the magic has been lost, due to blogs, old age, and some changing of wills. The media couldn't bring down the war like Kronkite did in one broadcast in 1968.

It has taken four years of totally negative broadcasting that makes the whole WOT look lost, when truth be told, an American soldier has a greater chance of being killed in New York City than he does in Iraq.

For Christ's sake, we've had the coolest winter on record for ages, and no liberal even mentions anything about "man-made global warming" being a fraud, we've had only a little more than 3,000 killed in Iraq, no liberal even begins to rage about the 7,000 US deaths annually from Rx mistakes made from doctors bad handwriting.

For or Ladyman's The Bulletin readers to buy any of this crap, they have to be totally brainwashed. They must be stupid to first, not have a sense of history, and second, not have a sense of what a people with a radical belief in Islam are capable of doing -- which we saw on 9/11. Seeing as most liberals don't believe in God, but instead they believe in Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, two living constitutions if I ever saw one (like Hitler or Jim Jones). But what happens when that leader dies, the whole movement falls apart. That's why we have a Constitution in the first place, so no one man or Democrat party can rest control over the whole government.

I'm glad the Bush Administration has labeled President Carter as "increasingly irrelevant" after he said Bush's administration had been the "worst in history." To me, that's shows desperation. For instance, a Conroe area soccer team recently won the State Championship in soccer for their age group. They beat an all Hispanic team from a South Texas border town that had not lost all season, and that STX team beat all their opponents in convincing shutouts. The STX team had it in their minds that they already won the state championship, that they were just to show up and receive the trophy when they get to the State Championship site.

The Conroe area team on the other hand had some shutouts, but lost one game and tied one game. They weren't the biggest team on the field, nor were they the strongest. But they did have a strong passion for the game and trust in their teammates and coach. Something the Democrats don't have. The Conroe team is about half White and half Hispanic, which is a great mix, and they all get along really well.

My point is, if the coach of the Conroe area team had looked at the other team from STX and their record, and said "we can't win," then left the field of battle. Then how would Conroe have ever known if their team could have ever beaten the STX team without trying. In the end, the coach of the STX team and the players were making mistakes in a desperate effort to win late in the game, and making statements like Jimmy Carter's worthless tripe.

If only the Democrats could look at little kids soccer teams that faced insurmountable odds, and yet still prevailed, we possibly could have won the War on Terror by now.