Thursday, May 03, 2007

'The Bulletin' Leans Left on Virginia Tech Massacre (Universities To Stay Gun-Free Mass Murders' Paradise)

Remember before the 2006 Elections, we always heard from the liberal media when interviewing Democrats, "What do Democrats need to do to win in '06?" Since last November, no one has ever heard the liberal media say when talking to Republicans, "What do Republicans need to do to win the next election?" And Mike Ladyman, the Publisher and Editor of The Bulletin is saying it plain as day into what side he clearly supports. "To win elections, Democrats ...."

In The Bulletin's April 26th - May 3rd editorial piece, "Year of the Gun: In the Wake of Virginia Tech, Democrats Must Rethink Gun Control Stance," Ladyman explores every avenue of the massacre at V-Tech except, 'what would have happened if students with legally concealed weapons had a chance to use them during the massacre by Cho.'

I'm of the school that "an armed society is a polite society." Despite what the movies and dimestore novels have told us, the American West was relatively a peaceful place. I'm proud to say that I carry a concealed handgun. I carry it openly when I'm out and about in Conroe. Well, of course its concealed behind what looks like, well, why should I tell you.

I was finally convinced to carry a concealed weapon even though I had had the permit for six months, when I was at HEB one evening last fall before T-Day, and one of Conroe's finely dressed hooded sweatshirt gentleman aborted an atempt on mugging me and my six year-old nephew when he saw an officer at the last second. The very next week I was over at Gun Emporium on FM 2854 picking out my new 9mm.

The liberals will look at the Virginia Tech Massacre and as with most things they will spin it to "search for answers, for those measures that will ensure that something like the massacre in Blacksburg never happens again." We must understand what Cho was going through. We must understand the terrorists. I'm here to tell you that the V-Tech massacre could not have been prevented no matter how much gun control would have been thrown into society.

Do criminals adhere to liberal gun control laws? HELL NO. Cho knew that V-Tech was a "gun-free zone," and a gun or several guns for that matter would give him the power that liberals crave. Yes, Cho was a liberal. Whether he formed his opinion on his own, or more than likely he learned them from liberal teachers and professors over the years, Cho was a liberal. Where else could someone gain the insight to hate "rich kids," "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans" than by listening to liberal profs spout their hate for President Bush, the United States, and anyone who has a buck more than they do.

Incredibly, Ladyman does not blame President Bush for the V-Tech massacre. He says "much of the responsibility lies with Democrats," which means for those of you in Cut-and-Shoot, that Democrats are in the majority but yet have been unable to do anything in Congress.

The gun control issue has been a dying Democrat issue for quite a while now. Defeat in Iraq and the constant attacks on the Bush Administration are the main issues of the day. If the United States were truly a liberal country, the gun control issue would definitely have more traction, and that is not the case. The liberals have succeeded with making the War on Terror and Iraq look so bad because they continue to pound negative points.

We never hear criticism of al-Qaeda for chopping off some American's head. We never hear enemy bodycounts -- only American. We never see any stories of our soldiers hugging Iraqi kids or helping in the hospitals, or helping build Iraqi infrastructure. Our liberal media is the literal opposite of the Nazi propagandists reporting only good news about The Third Reich until events like the Nazi defeat in the Battle of Stalingrad.

The liberal media does not respect you. The Bulletin does not respect you as a reader. Hence, you get the tripe you get. That's why newspaper readership, such as that of the Houston Chronicle is falling at clip of 2% - 4% every six months, according to Audit Bureau of Circulations, and they continue to layoff people, and yet they still say "our journalism will not be compromised." Those liberals are so stupid that they blame the reader for their "losses" instead of examining if their liberal journalism is the problem to begin with.

This whole thing with V-Tech and gun control revolves around POWER. The power of the gunman to take innocent life. The power of information that the public receives. The power of liberal legislators to push forward issues of gun control. The power of taxation. The power of liberal Democrats to control every aspect of our lives from the womb to the tomb. Why do you think that dictators such as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are literally lauded by the liberal media -- because those dictators have absolute control over their constituencies, which is a future goal of the Democrat party if they ever have enough balls to let their true agenda be known.

Gun control, which is only heeded by law abiding citizens gives Democrats power -- a lot of power. If laws are ever enacted that take guns out of the hands of ordinary citizens completely. American communism will be only a few years away. Thank God for George W. Bush and the fact that he "is one of the most pro-gun presidents in history." Thank God that liberal Democrats have so many caucuses they make fools of themselves in everything they do. Democrats look to themselves, then their party, then whatever else, and the United States interest always comes last. They feel guilty about American success stories. I don't.

"Democrats have been turning away from gun control ever since Al Gore's run for the presidency," and rightly so. Hell, John Kerry had to stage his episodes with guns to garner more independent supporters in 2004. It is a losing issue for liberals.

Measures taken in the wake of the V-Tech massacre by the Virginia legislature to have those with mental issues screened for elibility may have some merit, but that's as far as it should go. Look, incrementalism is the liberals best friend here. It has worked with smoking, and it can work with gun control, provided that Americans don't become complacent with gun control creep, as they have with letting the memory of September 11th slip from their memory.

Its no argument that the gun control issue is a tough road ahead for the liberal Democrats. Ladyman even concedes that "a substantial portion of the [Democrat] party's new standard-bearers are pro-gun." which is an issue that the Democrats had to discard in 2006 in order to gain the leadership in the House and Senate with the victories of Blue Dog Conservative Democrats whose big difference with the GOP was about the US pulling troops out of Iraq.

Ladyman attacks GOP Presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney on how he pulled back from his previous tough stances on gun control. Who cares? He will not be the nominee anyway. My secret pick for the 2008 GOP nominee -- JC Watts.

Ladyman again attacks Republicans for their "strong public stance on gun control" noting that "victories that [liberal] gun-control advocates won during the administration of former President Bill Clinton" have been flushed down the toilet -- good. Were assault weapons used during the V-Tech massacre -- of course not. But the premise that Democrats want to ban all guns still stands. Thank God that the Republicans had some balls in the 90's and pushed for "sunset" provisions on gun ban laws. "Since then, Democratic attempts to bring the ban back have faltered," and they will continue to fail because they cannot pass any veto-proof legislation.

Ladyman's assertion that "the expiration of the [Democrat gun bans] may have had some consequences in Blacksburg," is ridiculous. Only legal handguns were used at V-Tech. Chains were used to lock students in so Cho would have a more effective killing spree. The gunman had it in his mind that he was going to kill, and that the students and profs were all going to be defenseless. A mass-murders' paradise is what it was.

My prediction is that the Democrats will never get a hand up on the gun control issue. And if they do it is going to take several generations, perhaps even 50 - 75 years or more. "To embrace [Ladyman's] 'third way' gun policy," the Democrats would have to give up the one thing they want -- absolute dictatorial power.